The Art of the Fail

A podcast hosted by Kristian Borghesan and Chris Buttenham. We chat with startups and entrepreneurs about their f*ck ups, hardships and failures, in hopes to uncover great lessons and remove the stigma from failure today.

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Episode 9 - With Nima Gardideh [NEW]

Episode 009 comes in hot [insert flame emoji] as we chat withNima Gardideh, co-founder of Pearmill, a holistic digital marketing agency. With prior experience both founding his own companies and working the “9-5” grind, Nima openly shares with us some incredible stories from his journey as an entrepreneur. Nima walks us through everything from dropping out of school (and having to deal with his parents), having a major fall out with a previous business partner, passing on a life changing acquisition offer, to losing the money he raised in venture capital for a previous startup.

Episode 8 - With Alex Berman [NEW]

This episode features Alex Berman, chairman of the marketing agencyExperiment 27. Alex shares with us his current and prior experiences working as a digital nomad and some of the common issues that can easily slip through the cracks without proper checks and balances in place. Alex then walks us through his prior experience heading up the marketing department for a startup that went from $100 million dollar valuation to nil in the span of 60 days, ouch! He also touches a bit on some bad choices he personally made when hiring people for his own companies and how that ended up costing him.

Episode 7 - With Tristan Pollock

We chat with Tristan Pollock, a Venture Partner at 500 Startups and the Co-Founder of Storefront (now acquired), hailed as 'Airbnb for Retail' by The New York Times. Tristan shares his experiences of building teams in a startup and the culture that naturally (sometimes forced) follows suit. Tristan touches on why it’s so important to find the right fit for your company when hiring and why building your team’s culture is one of the most important things you can do. No doubt this episode is full of great lessons, take aways, and lots of food for thought.

About Us

Kristian and Chris met to reach one common goal: openly share our struggles, unmask the stigma around failing and help other entrepreneurs do the same.

Entrepreneurship is tough.

We are building our companies in the open and are excited to share our experiences with you along the way and introduce you to some of the most influential entrpreneurs around the globe, who will do the same. We don't claim to have the answers, but we can continue to learn by sharing stories and experiences along the way and from people we meet.

Kristian Borghesan

After mastering the art of building relationships offline, Kristian applied this skill to growth marketing and helped co-found BRÜHA, a company changing the way people interact with their local community where he heads growth & marketing.

Chris Buttenham

As self-proclaimed serial entrprepeneur, Chris is currently the Co-Founder and CEO of A proud 500 Startups alum, this company is changing the way teams access their collective knowledge and documentation.

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